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A lot of documents exists on the internet about loading images and running beagle board. However, it might be noted that some of these documents are older than the others. If one refers to these documents, one may be advised to keep a note of the date or the revision number of the board. This pages distills the essence of a lot of these documents and journals my successful attempt. A comprehensive technical reference for the OMAP3 can be found the the Texas Instruments technical reference spruf98

The Beagleboard powerup sequence

The beagle board powers up and the ROM based boot loader loads the stage 1 boot loader - the x-loader program. The x-loader loads the stage-2 boot loader from -
  • NAND
  • USB
  • Serial
  • SD Card
The sequence and support for one or more of these boot sequences depends on the x-loader code and version. This is analogous to firmware on PCs. The ROM based boot code looks for the x-loader elsewhere if it does not find it on chip. Thus the beagle board can be salvaged in case it gets bricked.

The u-Boot is the stage 2 boot loader.

A generic Linux boot sequence is explained on the developer.ibm.com article.

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